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Fox and Spiced Dreams
By: Niq
Date started: 4/13/11
Pairings: Lawrence /Sionn (OC character)
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I don't own Spice and Wolf, or any of its characters. This is purely fan fiction and I do not make money off of it. It is for amusement only.
Character note: just in case any one is interested, Sionn's name is pronounced shoon. It's Irish, go figure. ^_^
Author's Note: Please give feedback!!


Chapter 7

Lawrence had spent the next two days going all around town trying to borrow money from any merchant that would speak with him. As the day went on he met with more and more negative responses. Some of the people threw pocket change at him just to shut him up.

When Lawrence stumbled into the inn late the night of the second day he came into their room and found Sionn sitting curled up in the corner of their bed his arms around his knees his face buried in his arms, his tail wrapped around his feet. He was the picture of depression.

"You look like I feel." Lawrence said with a heavy sigh and climbed onto the bed and wrapped his arms around Sionn resting a cheek on the top of Sionn's head. "I only managed three and two sevenths Lumiones." Lawrence sighed.

"Do you believe now?" Sionn asked softly.

"No!" Lawrence said sharply, "It's because of my greed that we're in this mess."

"I feel so useless. Not once since we've meet have I done anything to contribute to this group."

"Sionn…" Lawrence said.

"That is true," said Holo suddenly. "You have been doing nothing but moping and demeaning yourself."

"Holo!" Lawrence snapped, when he felt Sionn tense in his arms.

"You have only shown one moment of worth, and that was when you went to talk to Remerio." Holo continued, ignoring Lawrence's protest. When she still didn't get a response from Sionn she grabbed his arms and yanked him free from Lawrence's embrace, pulled him off the bed, and made him stand in front of her. "You are a pathetic excuse for a fox! Even a fox should be able to be worth more than this. You say you have his interest in mind but look at how worried you've made him." Holo growled and pointed at Lawrence.

"Holo, cut it out," Lawrence said as he got off the bed and tried to get her to let go of Sionn.

"And you! You are only enabling him! If you would not coddle him so then maybe he wouldn't be so useless!"

"Stop!..." Lawrence started to shout but Sionn broke in.

"You think it's so simple?! Of course everything is simpler when the only one you truly care about is yourself!" Sionn shouted. "Every thing is about you and how everything effects you. I may be pathetic and over think things to the point of causing more harm than good but at least I'm not a self absorbed bi..." Sionn's tirade stopped suddenly and he bit his lip, seeing the murderous look in Holo's eyes.

"Self absorbed what?" She asked dangerously.

"Wolf," He offered with a sheepish smile.

Holo began to laugh, leaving both Sionn and Lawrence blinking in confusion. "Well at least I brought you out of your shell. You are entirely too easy to bait." She smiled.

With a sigh Sionn replied. "You're evil."

"It worked didn't it? Now maybe we can focus on figuring out what we're going to do." Holo said simply. "I might have a plan." She added.

Both Lawrence and Sionn listened to her plan intently and they spend the night deciding on exactly what they were going to do.


In the morning they went to speak with Remerio and pitched their gold smuggling scheme. He agreed to it reluctantly for payment of Lawrence's debt but was still threatening to turn Sionn in to the church. They had made a plan for this eventuality as well.

"Do you really understand who you're dealing with?" Lawrence asked Remerio. "You really don't want to antagonize Sionn."

"And why is that?" Remerio asked.

"You know I'm a pagan deity but do you know which one?" Sionn asked.

"No, does it really matter once the church has you?" Remerio said, uninterested.

Standing up and walking over to Remerio, Sionn smiled wickedly and replied. "I'm the black fox of ill fortune."

Remerio cringed a little. "So, the church will..."

"That's if you manage to turn me over to the church. I could always make sure that the worst of luck happens to you before then." Sionn threatened.

"Why threaten me about this but not about the debt?" He asked, confused.

"Well you know what they say about us pagan gods, we're all fickle." Sionn said with a smirk. "I could make that part of my counter blackmail but I decided to be kind, I realize without Lawrence's debt paid your company would most likely go bankrupt, this way we all get enough to squeak by."

"Fine, fine... You're secret is safe with me." Remerio replied grudgingly.


"That was very well played." Holo said when they had left Remerio Trading.

"Holo's right, you played that perfectly. You almost had me shaking," Lawrence smiled.

"I think I scared myself," Sionn said holding up his hands, which were shaking.

"Don't start moping again," Holo warned.

"I'm not, really." Sionn said giving her a weak smile. "I just... never actually threatened anything like that before."

"Well, maybe you should more often. It comes in useful." Holo said with a wink.

"That's okay. I think we can manage just fine without that." Lawrence said and pulled Sionn close as they walked. "Now I need to talk to Nora." He added after a moment.

When they had talked to her and an agreement had been reached, everything was set. She would help them smuggle the gold.


Early the next morning they met up with Nora and Leebert, who was representing Remerio in this endeavor. Once everyone was ready they began their journey.

The first half of their journey had gone well, and now all they had to do was return to Ruvinheigen. Rain began to pour as they made their return and Nora had them rushing through the forest path, wolves hot on their heels.

Finally Holo had Lawrence send Nora and Leebert ahead. And Holo went off by herself to talk to the wolves. Sionn and Lawrence rode off a little ways then stopped to wait for Holo. Lawrence had started a fire, which was more like a pile of smoldering twigs in the heavy rain.

Sionn suddenly looked worried, his ears twitching as he listened. Lawrence looked around as he asked, "What is it?"

"Three horses are coming this way." Sionn answered.

"Horses?" Lawrence said and looked up the road. He could see them now and he was getting a bad feeling. When he'd turned to say something to Sionn, he found the spot he'd been in empty except for Sionn's clothes.

Only moment later the three men on horseback had arrived. They confirmed who Lawrence was and tied him up. They'd ruffled him up a little and when one of the men had mentioned what they would have to do to Nora, Lawrence had turned in alarm and sliced his cheek open on one of the men's swords. He'd fallen to the ground then and the men were busy talking among themselves. Sionn took this opportunity to sneak out of his hiding place.

"Forgive me, my love but this will probably hurt." Sionn said, then licked up the blood from the cut on Lawrence's face causing the wound to bleed a little more to get enough blood to do the job.

The three men noticed Sionn just as he burst into his fox form. All three men cried out in fear and jumped onto their horses. Sionn managed to snatch one of them off of his horse and flung him into a tree, knocking the man out. He then chased after the other two and subdued them.

Walking back to where Lawrence was sitting trying to untie himself, Sionn laid down and said, "Here you should be able to use one of my teeth to break the ropes."

Lawrence gave Sionn's teeth a look and was a little bit intimidated. Sionn was smaller in his fox form then Holo in her wolf form. He supposed that was because of the natural difference in size between foxes and wolves, but still... Lawrence stood just a foot or two shorter than Sionn's shoulder.

Noticing the look Lawrence gave his teeth; Sionn closed his mouth and rested his muzzle on his paws. "I'm sorry..." he told him softly.

Realizing the look that must be on his face, Lawrence replied, "No, I'm sorry. You'd think with as many times as I've seen Holo in her wolf form that I'd be used to it by now."

"It's a natural response," Sionn reasoned.

Changing the subject, Lawrence backed up to Sionn's mouth and said, "Okay, open up. Let's get these ropes off."

It didn't take much to break the ropes once Lawrence had managed to get the tip of a tooth in between his hands. Once his hands were free, Lawrence folded Sionn's clothes and Holo's cloak.

"What should we do, find Holo, or go to aid Nora?" Sionn asked Lawrence.

He was about to answer when Holo came walking up. Taking a look first Lawrence then Sionn in his fox form, Holo inquired as to what had happened.

After they had explained Holo had undressed and ate a piece of wheat from her pouch to change into her wolf form. Lawrence added her clothes to the rest and then climbed onto Sionn's back and held on for dear life as Sionn and Holo took off running.

It didn't take long to catch up to Nora and Leebert. About twenty men were with them instructed by Leebert to protect Nora. Sionn put Lawrence down and both Holo and Sionn went to subdue the group of men, which didn't take long. All that was left was Leebert, who had said he'd pay Nora quite a lot of money if she'd protect him from the two large animals. She stood her ground and her dog was about to attack but she grabbed him at the last moment.

Leebert turned his horse and hurried away, with Holo giving chase. Lawrence ran over to Nora to make sure she was alright.

After a moment Lawrence asked Nora, "Do you want to know a secret?  This fox," he said petting Sionn who'd laid down beside him, "and that wolf, are actually Sionn and Holo."

Holo had come back with Leebert by this time and when he'd regained consciousness he'd frantically blabbered that it was Remerio who had decided to betray them. After a debate between Holo and Lawrence, Lawrence had talked to Nora about how to proceed. Once everything was decided Lawrence, Holo, and Sionn parted company with Nora, intrusting her with the gold. They headed for Ruvinheigen, Lawrence once again riding on Sionn's back, holding on for dear life.

Before going into town Holo and Sionn had reverted back to their humanoid forms. Holo had decided to go to the inn while Lawrence and Sionn went to see Remerio. When they got to Remerio Trading they didn't waste any time tying the man up. Lawrence talked to Remerio about the new deal with the gold. Once that business was done it was Sionn's turn.

"You betrayed Lawrence, did you betray me as well?" Sionn asked with a growl his eyes glowing dangerously in the candle light.

"No of course not!" Remerio said in a rush.

"Really? How can I trust that answer? After all you betrayed my lover. And since that is practically the same thing as betraying me, how can I trust you wouldn't betray me on this matter as well?" Sionn demanded.

"What do you want? I'll give you anything you want to prove I haven't and will never betray your secret." Remerio cried.

Sionn smirked at the man then looked up at Lawrence. "Untie one of his hands." Lawrence did so and kept his hands on the man's shoulders to keep him in place. Sionn then looked back at Remerio and said, "Give me your hand."

"W-why?" Remerio stammered.

"Because, I don't need you to give me anything to prove your good will. I have something more secure in mind."

Remerio held out his hand shakily. The man jumped when Sionn suddenly grabbed the hand and sunk his teeth deep into it. The man screamed in pain. Lawrence called out Sionn's name in shock.

Sionn removed his teeth from the man's hand and spat out the blood, not wanting or needing to change form right now. "Consider this a contract. If you are to ever betray my trust you will be plagued with more ill fortune then you could ever imagine. Ill fortune so horrible that you will wish and pray for death." Sionn explained then added, "Oh and don't get any bright ideas. Cutting the hand off will not discontinue the contract. It is in your blood as well as the scar you will have from that bite."

The man nodded his understanding, unable to talk due to all the shaking he was doing from fear and pain. Sionn nodded, satisfied that the man understood. With that business over with they left Remerio Trading and headed over to the merchant association so Lawrence could follow up with the contract that Remerio wrote up.

"That was some trick with the bite," Lawrence said trying to keep out of his voice that it had scared the crap out of him.

"I kind of made it up." Sionn said and bit his lip, "For all I know though I could have been telling the truth."

"Either way it did the trick," Lawrence said as he pulled Sionn close.


Finally all was done and Lawrence and Sionn went to meet up with Holo. From there they walked to one of the town entrances to meet up with Nora who was just walking up to the gate.

"Everything is taken care of." Lawrence told her. "Oh there's something else though."

"What is it?" Nora asked.

"Well I already know that you won't give away the secret of their true identities but... I'm sure you'd noticed something else about Sionn."

"Oh... I-I didn't really look but..." Nora stammered with a blush.

"Yes, he is male and we are lovers. I'm counting on you to keep that secret too, if you don't mind?" Lawrence said with a smile.

"Oh, yes of course." Nora replied still blushing a little. "I wish you both much happiness." She added with a smile.

"Oh that reminds me." Lawrence said and then looked at Sionn. "Will you marry me?" He asked his smile broadening.

Sionn blinked at him, trying to comprehend what he'd just been asked. "Marry... But..."

"Well, if we're going to maintain that you're a woman, we might as well keep up with appearances. And it will make it easier for us to openly show our relationship. Well as open as we're able any way." Lawrence reasoned.

Not able to find the words, Sionn tackled Lawrence with a deep kiss as his answer. Lawrence returned the kiss putting his arms around Sionn, forgetting that Holo and Nora were still there.

"Oh my," Nora giggled with embarrassment.

"Must you two? You are in public you know." Holo grumbled.

They ended their kiss and Lawrence looked over at Nora and asked, "Would you like to come to the wedding?"

"I'd love to," Nora replied with a smile.


It didn't take long to square everything away and to plan the wedding. It wasn't too fancy and there were only a few guests but it didn't matter, the point was that they were getting a chance of a lifetime and now they could share the rest of that lifetime together.

~The End~
Not long after Lawrence meets Holo he finds himself adding another god to the group, this time a fox named Sionn, much to Holo’s dislike. Holo claims, among other things, that Sionn is bad luck. Will Lawrence regret making Sionn part of the group or will he be more then glad that he did?

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trackrunner525 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
This was a pretty well written story, though I couldn't bring myself to fully enjoy it. If I wasn't so biased I would've liked it a lot more haha, but I'm so pro-Holo/Lawrence that I just can't get behind the idea of them not being together :(...but like I said, great story nonetheless!
akibara13 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
Thank you! Yeah, that's the trouble with this sort of alternate universe style fanfic is all of the shippers tend to not be as fond of it as they might be. :XD: I appreciate though that you took the time to read it! :)
markrock18 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
I have loved Spice and Wolf for a long time and in that time most people tend to ship Lawrence and Holo together and not anything else. Just for doing something different I salute you though I do think you had Holo's change in opinion of the relationship a bit too abrupt, everything else was great.
akibara13 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for the feedback as well. :)
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Would you happen to have any more Spice and Wolf fanfictions in your gallery?
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normally i'm not into gay x-shipping's, but this is....... beautiful, simply stunning, i salute you.
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Oh and thank you for the :+fav:s! Much appreciated. :)
akibara13 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
:blush: Thank you very much for the wonderful comment! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :)
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awww thats a nice ending. Sionn is scary haha. By he way is Nora a real character in the show or did you make her up? shes pretty cool too haha
akibara13 Featured By Owner May 29, 2011
Nora was from the anime. Yeah she was pretty cool. :) Yeah, Sionn was a little scary but hey it worked. LOL I'm glad you liked it. :)
wolfrider-donnie Featured By Owner May 29, 2011
It was awesome :) so of course I liked it haha
akibara13 Featured By Owner May 29, 2011
:) I'm glad.
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